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The Big Question….

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure” Joseph Campbell

And it is a big question…. A very big question!

We don’t get many opportunities in a lifetime to change course, to choose another path. Our lives take on a momentum that continually propels us in a forward direction but largely repeats year after year. We live within prescribed definitions around what we do, how we live and who we spend our time with. We have aspirations, dreams but often the momentum is so great that time passes without those aspirations and dreams becoming a reality. There is no space for them.

Some of us dream about hopping off the bus, breaking the momentum and doing something different but the reality of taking that step can be terrifying.

I resigned from my job and finished working 4 weeks ago and with holidays before that I have only worked 1 week this year. A year that is already 8weeks old!

Those who know me well are not overly surprised at my actions. I have stopped the momentum and changed course more than once in my working life of 24 plus years. This time it’s different…very different. I am not as Gung Ho as I used to be!

For the past 10 years I have had a very successful career in Sales and Sales Management. I loved both the company I worked for and the thrill of achieving target after target. What I did not love was the relentless pace and grueling travel schedule that left me very little time for friends, family and the things that I love. So I stepped into the abyss…the abyss of what’s next, endless choices and the weight of expectation – mostly my own.

The easy thing to do, the comfortable thing would be to get another job doing a similar role….maybe I can find one with less travel I have thought as I have search job seekers websites. That would feel safe – financially especially but deep in my heart I know I crave more freedom, more space to write and create. I have a burning desire to share what I have learnt along the way, to help someone else experience the success I have or to unravel the parts of themselves that get in the way of success as I have had to do.

This is what I want, my deepest desire.

It feels scary , terrifying even but as I close the links to the job seekers websites I have an answer to the Big question.

I am a hearty YES to my adventure!


What will you say Yes to?