Are you ready yet?

With the first month of 2017 already more than halfway complete do you feel your year has started?

The beginning of a New Year often comes with much new energy. We feel the excitement of beginning anew, clean slate, fresh start. But sometimes we don’t…..some years begin a little slower,it takes time to get used to the idea that returning to work in an inevitability. We should ourselves into setting goals and plans for the year even though we’re not really feeling it.

I have felt that this year and I know I’m not alone. I have had a slow glide into 2017 in some respects. My business goals remain unrecorded despite the fact that I have already ticked off 2 items from my “things to do in 2017” list (swimming with the dolphins šŸ™‚ and my first DIY project)

What I haven’t felt ready for, is making plans for my business. I have been back at work for more than a week but I allowed myself to push the pause button on setting my intentions for the year.

My current business is not yet a year old and I am very much experimenting with what works and what doesn’t, what finds me in the “zone” and what pulls me out of it. I have allowed myself the time this year to feel the energy of readiness develop in its intensity.

As a business owner it can be easy to get very,very quickly caught up in the business of doing with very little downtime or breaks. After all if you’re not working no funds are coming in to pay the bills. I walked this road in my previous businesses, barely allowing myself more than the stat days off and back to work.

What this taught me is that this is a sure way to fall out of love with your business! I have learnt that its worth taking the time to rest and recover, recharge and rest the compass for the coming year. For your business to sustain you emotionally and spiritually as well as financially you need time out to feel the purpose in your day-to-day actions.

It’s okay to not be ready. Just like New years resolutions that you don’t keep business goals that don’t excite you or that you “should”yourself into with feel onerous and like a choreĀ to do.

It’s all about Goals with Soul!

Goals that excite you from the inside out, that make your heart sing, give you tinglesĀ and feelĀ in alignment with your purpose.

This might mean that you throw away your previous plans and re-invent your business or it might just be a building on 2016’s goodness, either way if you’re setting goals you can feel your halfway to achieving them.

So how do you set goals with Soul?

in some way exactly how you always do…

(1) Write them down

(2) Date them

(3) review them regularly

But with Soul Goals you want to really allow yourself time to connect with how you will feel when the goal is achieved. Imagine the outcome, visualise it, create a picture in your mind of you doing it!

Does it excite you? Does it feel good? Does it feel so good that you can’t not do it? Now you have a Soul Goal. If you have followed this process you will also be feeling the energy and excitement building to make it happen.

If you don’t feel it,don’t do it! If you dont feel it ask yourself the question is this something I really want or is it something I think I should want?

Give yourself more time, allow yourself more dreamspace for what you want your life to be. It’s never going to be too late to set your goals for your business. Set goal setting aside and re-visit in a few days.

This is your business, your life. It’s only you that holds the key to unlocking the treasures your future holds. You are the cartographer of the map of your life.

Are you ready yet?

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