This S**t is getting real…

Yesterday I spent the day with 6 business owners and 2 expert entrepreneurs at a Hot Seat workshop.

Essentially this workshop was a chance for me to give voice to the business idea that I have been germinating over the past few weeks, to say it out loud, to own it and to get some feedback on both its viability and where to start.

It was a scary step for me to take but one that I needed. Just like a seed germinating under the soil at some point my idea had to break through the surface to the light to continue to grow and develop.

Sitting in the Hot Seat put me in touch with my vulnerability. This new business is a reflection if who I am, my heart is in it, it’s what I feel am here to do. It’s scary to own that.

It was also very empowering and affirming to have my idea received and acknowledged. I felt encouraged that, Yes others can see this in me and also to come away with some concrete actions for what to do next and how to take some confident steps towards making it a reality  – to give this shoot the sunlight, water and fertiliser it needs.

Yesterday was a Joyful experience.

Today however is another story!

Today I am called to take action on what I uncovered yesterday. Today I am struck with inertia. Today this S**t is getting real!

It raises the question for me – Why do we take action on the things we do? and Why do we procrastinate about other things? Things we know are important, things we really want to make happen.

For me the inertia feels  a little bit like being a deer in headlights. I am frozen to the spot and not the first time I have felt like this in recent weeks.

The steps that I need to take will move me outside my comfort zone. I will need to step out of who I am now and stretch into who I am becoming. I will need to be all that I am, there is no more hiding away or censuring myself. I have no work persona or professional front to hide behind. This is not just another role I will perform.

What if it doesn’t work?

What if it does?

I know that I will make this leap. I know that on another day or even later today I will take action and move this forward because for me life is about experiences not about regrets or if only’s. To not take action and allow this shoot to grow into all that it is meant to be would be keeping myself small and to live within the confines of my own fear and there is no joy in that ….

So today I challenge myself to dip my toe in and take one small step, to see what it feels like. In 30 days time I may be well be ready to swim!

What will you challenge yourself to do today? What do you have in your life that you would like to move forward with or take action on. Feel free to record it in the comments below and together we can hold each other accountable 🙂

Paula xx

2 thoughts on “This S**t is getting real…

  1. Sam

    Ooh, inertia… I feel it like a functional paralysis, when you go through the motions of life but waiting, waiting, and not quite making a step.. Like a locked-in-time syndrome… When I am aware of it I realise it’s just preparation time and when I break free I am more effective than if I had forced myself sooner. It’s like going into a cocoon and meta morphing ! I have recently had some enforced cocoon time, a very interesting experience. Looking forward to hearing of your brave new world.


  2. Maria

    Sounds like you have worked it through Paula. The way to make progress is not to stress about what might or might not be in the future but to just take one small step forward at a time and see where that takes you. Best Wishes for the journey



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