So…..About that Bucket List….

Do you even have one?

In the movie that gave a name to the list of dreams we keep for the things we most want to do, the characters were two old and ill men in the last days of their lives. They began ticking off experiences on the bucket list. Things they wanted to do before they died. As the story unfolds it becomes clear that in doing these things they had always desired they were able to receive more life. It filled them up, it was energizing, reviving, healing, it fed them heart and soul.

So…why put off what you desire most? Why do we wait until we are older, diagnosed with something horrible, are thinner or fitter, or until we meet someone, or have more money or more time? We constantly delay the joy we seek in discovering or experiencing something new. Are we afraid to give ourselves what we really want? What would it be like if we did?

Life is a funny old thing when you think about it….it’s easy to feel too tired to really consider this. Fatigue is an epidemic! It takes so much energy to do what needs to be done every it’s hard to find anything left for dreams and plans. But I what I have discovered is that, like the movie, it’s our dreams and plans that revive us from the weariness we feel. Even more so if we take action and live some of our dreams, tick something off the bucket list.

This week I am doing exactly that. I am in Hawaii, a place I knew I would love. It’s a heart swelling moment to find yourself in the field of your own dreams. And there is more to come this week, I am excited and delighted at the prospect. Savoring the experience is what it is all about, embracing it, plunging in, going deep. Not just for the pleasure of letting yourself have it either, although this is a gift I am open to receive! When I am back at home and feeling tired of my routine my memories of this week will sustain me. Experiences are better than things ( they have even done studies on this) your things you cannot take with you but your experiences travel forever in your heart.

So….what is on your bucket list? When will you begin….


4 thoughts on “So…..About that Bucket List….

  1. Priscilla

    Aloha Paula, I am so glad to see you living your dreams and recording beautiful memories along the way. I don’t have a bucket list as such but I went to Argentina, Brazil, Chile & Peru in May 2015 to fulfil a life long dream…to immerse myself in the sights, sounds, food, culture & people of South America. There were so many highlights along the way but one of my favourites was meditating on Machu Pichu with my beautiful Guardian Angels & like minded friends. I came home in a protective bubble invigorated by my experiences and raring to start planning for my next big adventure….touring the South Island. Life is meant to be lived…not watched from the sidelines or the comfort of your sofa.

    Love, light & Blessings

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