Its all about you….

Your most important relationship is with yourself….we have all heard this in pop psychology, self-help books and cute quotes on Facebook but what does it mean really?
For a long time I have been aware of this as a concept but I have to admit that I didn’t really understand its true meaning or how it could impact my life until recently.

I guess for me it wasn’t until I truly felt alone that I realised how much I needed myself and how much being with myself impacted on my happiness and the amount of Joy in my life.

We use so many things to avoid really, truly being with ourselves. Being alone with our thoughts and really understanding what is going on inside.

Our mind creates for us the illusion that “if only” is the answer to the discomfort that we feel. If only I had that job, that house, that sparkly shiny thing.

I admit to being guilty of this. My working life spanning 4 different careers is a testament to it. My need to avoid really knowing myself had me try on many different hats. I have also sold my self-worth to the external in an effort to feel that I am a valid individual. Pitching my value against other people’s opinions, comparing myself to their achievements.

I feel blessed to have had this experience to teach me and also blessed by the love of my husband whose complete acceptance helped me to believe I had value. And now I have to acknowledge how his passing has also blessed me. He blessed me by leaving me alone with myself. My initial reaction to his death was one of shock. He was my purpose how could I continue to exist without him.  His presence in my life had taught me that I would not find myself in my work no matter how consumed I became by it. I was left alone, alone with myself and I didn’t really know who that was or if I even liked her.

Initially I tried to block the part of me that screamed to find out with food. I ate myself into complete silence but this soon became unsatisfying. I would like to say I was willing to try a different approach to listen to myself and to hear what I had to say, but that would be a lie. The truth is I resisted the process like a cat resists a bath! But eventually I began to give way and to allow process of loving myself to unfold.

For me its not about massages, lighting candles and taking long baths although I do enjoy these things.  For me self love turned out to be a much more internal process. Finding out what I like, what my values are, what I truly desire, what holds me back and that nothing is more validating than understanding whats going on inside. I feel suddenly really free to express myself and to know that who I am is not defined by any external source. I have been on the road to discovering what makes me happy and brings me joy. I have been romancing myself like a new love I want to know every inch of

I now recognize what is means to love myself. Its giving myself time when I need to be alone. Its moving when I feel twitchy because this is a sign that something needs to be heard and for me moving moves that energy. Its acknowledging my spiritual nature and really taking time to allow this to be a pert of my life in a way that feels comfortable and authentic. Its asking myself my opinion and letting the answer come before I judge it. All of this is really simple and it all feels very loving and has allowed joy to leak in to my spirit and into my heart.

SO I can tell you there is really something in all the pop psychology suggestions…. You will always be the most important person in your life. You are so important I encourage to take some time to discover who you truly are and to find out what self love is for you. Don’t be afraid of the discomfort, accept this as part of the process. Keep going, I promise its worth it.

I’d love to know how this goes for you and any of your thoughts, feel free to post them in the comments below.

Love Paula xx







2 thoughts on “Its all about you….

  1. Ngaire Neill

    Over 2000 years ago Greek philosopher Plato penned a now famous quote “know thyself”. To find peace, comfort, passion, and happiness , people must look inside and get to know themselves – their soul.



  2. Priscilla

    Hi Paula,

    I love being alone by myself because I know I’m never truly alone. I’m always surrounded by family & friends in spirit, the Angels, Archangels & Ascended Masters who come when I call & an affectionate cat who’s rubbing my leg, miaowing & purring so loud there’s no chance of any peace & quiet lol. Bless him he’s found a spot where there’s no chance of me not seeing him. He’s jumped on my bed & put his face in mine. Time to sign out lol.

    Priscilla 😃



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